Travel's nice, but oh so expensive

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It’s an excuse we hear often. “Very nice al those travels far away, but I just don’t have the money.” “Later, when I’m rich perhaps.” For your consolation, I don’t get as much as I earn and I still didn’t get that winning lottery ticket. But then, how do we get the money for those travels?


Leave it

For those few weeks in a distant place it is necessary to stop spending money on things you don’t really need. Those little things, cup of coffee on the train station, eating out, shopping for new clothes. Is it really necessary? You can save quite some money without really missing those things. Imagine buying a cup of coffee for about 2 euro’s every day, in a year this will save you 500 euro. And how much do you spend all those hours shopping? It’s an easy way to save money, right?

Some extra money

If this doesn’t get you enough, look at how to get some extra income. Perhaps it’s possible to work a bit extra. I wanted to get to Australia so much that for 1,5 year, next to 5 days of studying, I worked 2 days a week. It’s tough, but it was worth it! Also, take a look at your insurances. Some you might not need, some you can get cheaper. This can save you a few bucks as well you can then spend on your travels. And what about all that stuff on the attic you’re not using anymore? That old cellphone of those books you’ve already read: every bit can help!

Look, Look, Look before you book

These days there are 1001 sites and search engines that can help you finding cheap tickets and travels (, Keep an eye on these websites, because you might just find the deal of a lifetime. I get daily deals in my mailbox and I’m dreaming off when reading them… Most of our travels I booked like this in a fit of madness. It can save you hundreds of bucks.

Far away is not necessarily more expensive

I’m sometimes amazed how expensive a week of camping in France in peak season can be. The campsite is expensive, groceries are expensive, fuel is expensive and the toll even more. Take some time and you easily find an affordable plane ticket to Asia. For next to nothing you can go out for dinner and get a super luxurious hotel for the same amount of money you would otherwise spent on a few square meters of dry grass with a view on the toilet building in France. Countries like New Zealand and Australia are a bit more expensive, but also here it is possible to save some money by staying overnight on free campsites.

Hopefully I’ve managed to get the no-money excuse aside. Perhaps there’s much more excuses left, but don’t delay.. just book that ticket! 😉