Diving on Koh Tao, Thailand

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While travelling I usually don’t stay at the same location for more than a few days. There is so much to see in the world, I don’t take much more time than that. And honestly, in most cases I’ve already seen the best of a place in that time. The hunger for something new gets too big and I get restless and have to move on. Sometimes however a place gets to you: you don’t want to leave. This is what Koh Tao in Thailand did to me. It grabbed me and (almost) didn’t let me go.

Thailand, you were amazing

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After two weeks of travelling through Thailand on my own I’m back home again. It’s been an awesome two weeks, in which I’ve seen so many beautiful places, did so many exciting things, and met so many nice people. I’ve been diving at beautiful Koh Tao, been walking through the lush jungle of Khao Sok, seen the beautiful ruins of Sukhothai, heard the sad stories of the abused elephants at the elephant rescue center. I’ve been chatting with Buddhist monks, been spotting wild elephants and monkeys in Khao Yai and got scammed by tuktuk drivers in Bangkok. I will tell you all about this at a later time. For now, I hope you enjoy this short compilation of my last two weeks. More pictures and stories will follow shortly.


Orca spotting on Vancouver Island

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If you wish to see wildlife, Canada is the place to be. With an enormous amount of wilderness it is the place to go and search for the impressive grizzly or the shy moose. There is however one animal that I wished to see more than any other: the orca whale, or killer whale. De size, beautiful markings and intelligent …