Bald eagle waiting for sushi

Erik Canada, Photography, Travel

When photographing wild animals, you’re always dependant on the willingness of the animal to pose for the camera. This magnificent bald eagle dissappointed us at first but later more than made up for his earlier behaviour.

We were driving around in Campbell River (Vancouver Island, Canada) when a bald eagle landed in a tree. From here he had a great vantage point and was checking out the surroundings. Hoping he would fly off and provide us with a nice picture we waited. Unfortunately, he was more patient the we were.

Five minutes and a few hundred meters later we get to a pebble beach. Guess who’s waiting for us? The bald eagle with a salmon fish bone. Bystanders tell us one of the local fishermen brings the birds some salmon each day. They know and keep an eye out for this easy meal. Since the eagle is very much busy working on his sushi we get to go close by to take some shots. Getting distracted by a golden eagle who’s also interested in this meal the bald eagle decides to find a more quiet spot.

After a short layover a bit further on the beach he’s decided he’s had enough. Taking his salmon he flies of, right in the direction of the lens. Aim… Focus… gotcha. The picture we’ve been searching for. He flies past and disapears into the distance.