Travel for us is something more than an all-in vacation to Turkey or Greece. It’s all about seeing and experiencing new things and being inspired. Seeing those parts of the world you haven’t seen before, away from the masses. Getting to know different cultures and habits.

Our preparation often doen’t go any further than booking a plane ticket, bringing as little stuff as possible and then off we go. The camera is always ready to shoot beautiful pictures. Through our pictures and stories we want you to enjoy our trips as well and inspire you to get out there yourself. So follow us on Facebook, Instagram or this website and be inspired to start travelling yourself.

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After finishing her studies she went off for a long Campertrip through Australia and since then Laura is alway trying to find tickets for the next destination. Unfortunately a busy job leaves little time for long vacations, but that doesn’t stop a true traveller from visiting distant places.

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Erik has let himself be dragged to Australia (Ok, not entirely against his will 😉  ) en has since not been able to stay at home. Apart from travel, Erik has a passion for photography and has made 99% of the pictures on this website.