A new adventure

Erik Travel

One adventure hasn’t yet started or the next one is already in the making. “So Erik, I was thinking, would you like a plane ticket to Asia for your birthday?” Astonishment from my side. Is she joking? No, she sounds serious. “Of course I would like to go to Asia.” I wouldn’t refuse any opportunity to travel. “There is one catch however…”

“I can’t join you, so you will have to go alone.” I have been thinking about doing some solo travelling for some time now. It seems like a exiting experience, but a bit scary as well. I think that’s why, until now, I’ve always found a reason not to go. And I have to admit, going together is great as well.

There are however good reasons to go alone. It is far easier to make contact with other people, both other travellers and locals. You can do everything you want. And don’t do the things you don’t want. Being on your own will help get more independent and more confident. It can teach you a lot about yourself and can give you a chance to develop yourself in a way you’re not as likely to when travelling together.

So, after years of travelling together I am going to travel solo. With the company of only my backpack and my camera, going to Asia. Where the travels go exactely I’m not sure yet. The plane ticket takes me to Bangkok. Finally a chance to see more of Thailand then just the airport which I have seen several times travelling through. It could however also be a good starting point for a visit to one of Thailands neigbhouring countries: Myanmar, Laos or Cambodia.

For now there is still some time for doubt. First there will be a beautiful roadtrip through western Canada. Another trip with the two of us.

Did you ever do some distant  solo tavel? Where to and how did you like it?